Zyphun Interactive Studios

The mind is an open world to explore and every kind of mind needs a way to express itself.

Our Services

We aim to provide a large scope of services vital to the entertainment industry.


We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you some of the most entertaining, intriguing and fun games known to today's industry.


We are in the process of creating many beautiful and interesting graphic novels, animations, merchandise and other designs.

Interactive Stories

We are in the process of creating many new and interesting interactive stories to be available on as many devices as possible.


We utilize the true capabilities of a community coming together to create a wide array of unique and legendary entertainment possibilities.


A few words about us

Zyphun Interactive Studios is an ambitious project to bring together skilled and devoted programmers, graphics artists and story writers with the goal of providing the best entertainment available to the current industry.

The modern entertainment industry has lost their way - putting profit before what their own community wants - this has caused many once-great companies to lower themselves to new lows.

The most important part of Zyphun Interactive Studios is that we put the community first - nothing else - because when your community is happy the possibilities are endless.


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