The positions you can apply for


There are three individual positions you can apply for and you can apply multiple times so don't worry if it doesn't go the first time. The ranks are Experts, GFX Team and Writers.


To apply for the Experts rank you must post:

  • Detailed demonstration of your development ability (github/ app store links/ other projects you've developed)

To apply for the GFX Team you must post:

  • A link to your portfolio if possible, otherwise detailed graphics (links, images) with reasonable proof that you are the original creator

To apply for the Writers rank you must post:

  • An original detailed and entertaining or intriguing story or game design or a link to sites you may have already posted your content


If you wish to apply for one of the above positions please post your application here, it will not be visible to anyone but administrators. Note: registration is required to post an application.

Unless otherwise stated you must hold at least one of these positions to be eligible for employment on Zyphun Interactice Studios projects. Note: although these positions are required for employment you are not obiligated to work for us just because you hold the position.