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  3. Driven
  4. motivationless
  5. Yeah going to McMaster for Computer Science Thank you so much!
  6. Nice! Have fun man you deserve it
  7. congratz u going to Uni ?
  8. I feel like I'm ready to work and party for the next 2 months. Also found myself a girl and we're both interested in each other so that was like the greatest start to my summer
  9. Congrats how do you feel now?
  10. Finished my last year of high school exams last Thursday. How's everyone doing? What are you guys up to nowadays?
  11. But instead they
  12. to eat it.
  13. I'm hyped for big things Zyphun! My highlight was just chilling with friends the past weekend. Exams comin up next week so RIP time
  14. Weird cause it's unavailable for me too!
  15. Just waiting on Invision to push the next IPS update then I am going to pull the plug on the release.
  16. wanted the dogs
  17. Its easy for a kid who has nothing better to do all day but get better at the game to beat it. lol since you haven't played in a long time it would probably be really hard again yah
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