Payment FAQs

Where can I purchase the supporters upgrade?

You can get there simply by clicking below.*

*If you are in a higher rank than the Supporters group it will be added as a secondary group and your primary group will stay unchanged.

What payment methods do you accept?

For our community store all payments are handled by Stripe, which means if you have a credit or debit card you can pay from almost any place in the world. Your personal information is secured via industry standard Secure Socket Layer security and your card details are only ever stored on Stripe servers.

Does the supporters upgrade automatically renew?

The supporters upgrade does not automatically renew but does automatically generate an invoice for renewals, however the payment is not deducted automatically and the invoice must be paid manually to renew your purchase.

If you have opted-in you will receive by e-mail notices for renewals, new invoices and invoices due. Do not renew via an invoice if you are planning to take advantage of the 50% renewal discount but rather just repurchase it directly from the upgrade page, or you will pay full renewal price.

What is your refund policy regarding community upgrades?

Unless required by law, there will be no refunds after more than 7 days from purchase date, if you wish to receive a refund please open a support ticket and tell us why you would like to be refunded. Refunds after the 7 day period will only be issued when required by law.

How do I get the 50% renewal discount for supporters upgrade?

If you wish to benefit from the 50% renewal discount for the supporter upgrade you must renew your supporter upgrade before it expires (there is a grace period of 3 days).

You can re-up or top-off your supporters upgrade at any time but you must do so before it expires to benefit from the 50% renewal discount, if an invoice is generated saying you owe $9.99 but you are going to use the discount just ignore that invoice and re-up directly from the upgrade page.

Where does the money for my supporters upgrade go?

All proceeds that are acquired through our community upgrades go directly to the benefit of the community. Meaning your purchase helps us to be able to afford licensing fees for our community software, pay for hosting and reach broader audiences.