1. Posting
Try to post in the correct section. Posting in the wrong section could result in the removal of the topic or an infraction to the author of said topic if done repeatedly.
2. Announcements
All members must read announcements before contacting staff on the forums, announcements include content that is A) Pinned B) Within the announcement board C) Announced above forum sections
3. Spam
No spamming. Unnecessary posts includes posts that do not contribute to the content the thread it is posted in. If staff believe the post is reasonable you will not receive any punishment but can also apply warnings.
4. Reputation
No "like farming" or "feedback farming," this includes like-for-likes and requiring people to like your posts for whatever reason. The reputation system is to display an authentic reputation count based on the quality of your posts. Violations can result in reputation resets as well as infractions.
5. Behavior
Inappropriate behavior refers to any behavior that shows any intolerance towards race, disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief or inflammatory comments directed at other members.
6. Profile
Profile violation refers to the use of inappropriate content within either of the following A) Avatar B) Signature C) 'About me' D) 'Website E) 'Location'. If staff believe the content is reasonable you will not receive any punishment. Inappropriate content is defined as anything that violates these rules which includes but is not limited to pornographic, intolerant or unlawful content.
7. Topic Bumping
Bumping your thread is only allowed via the built-in bump button and posting simply to bump a thread violates rule #3.
8. Inappropriate Posting
Inappropriate posting includes any posting in appeals/disputes when not directly involved or adding evidence, or a post not classified as spam but also not necessary to the topic.
9. Advertising
Advertising refers to promoting another site for the purposes of making a profit or helping someone else make a profit in some way. External links are allowed within reason, such as posting memes and YouTube videos, but are otherwise generally not allowed.
10. Illegal Content
Illegal content refers to real world laws and Zyphun Interactive Studios abides by USA laws, meaning all users also must abide by USA law when using our site. Illegal content can also be enforced where the content only borders being illegal, however appropriate posts can be tolerated (such as a discussion about laws or the legal status of something).
11. Mass Spam
Mass spam is the same content as spam (see rule #3) however on a larger scale. Staff discretion is used when differentiating spam from mass spam, if the spam contains content that violates other rules you can be warned for multiple things and may result in permanent suspension.
12: Hacking and unauthorized access
Hacking refers to the act of gaining unauthorized access to another members account, computer or other intellectual property. Please note we understand things such as gaming account technically do not belong to the user however when enforcing this rule it is seen as theirs.
13. Ban Evading
Ban evading refers to the act of creating another account when you have one already banned for the purposes of evading staff from knowing who you are. Ban evading results in IP bans and can result in a harassment case legally brought before you. 
14. Account Security
You are responsible for the security of your account, we have many levels of added security such as SSL and two-factor authentication but ultimately the security of your account is solely your responsibility.
14.1 Account Sharing
Account Sharing refers to the act of allowing other users to use your account. This is an offense for both the user allowing it and the user doing it. If access is granted for special reasoning by an administrator the user must not send any messages from that account nor create any content.
14.2 Account Selling
Account selling refers to the act of selling any account associated with Both the user purchasing and selling are in violation of this rule and will be punished.
14.3 Multiple account
Multiple accounts are not allowed by any single user, accounts per household are permitted but will be held responsible for each-other's restrictions, etc.
14.4 Proxies, VPN and VPS
All registered users are required to access the site from their local IP address(es) only, using proxies, VPN or VPS could trigger our automated spam prevention system and mark your account as a spammer which effectively suspends your account indefinitely. If you're found in violation of this rule you will be warned to post only from your local IP and can result in a permanent suspension on repeat offenses.
15. Personal Information
Posting personal information is expressly forbidden unless it is your own personal information, posting other people's personal information is illegal and can result in a permanent suspension even if this information is publicly available elsewhere on the internet (such as a Facebook).