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  1. Hello, we have updated the community software to the most recent version: 4.2.1 We anticipate this upgrade will cause some issues with old content, we are actively working hard to fix all the known issues. If you find something especially broken please report it here.
  2. This game is simple, think of the first word that comes to mind based on the word given before you. To start let's begin with: Interactive
  3. Post whatever you're listening to when you opened the thread.
  4. Driven
  5. Nice! Have fun man you deserve it
  6. Congrats how do you feel now?
  7. In this game we add three words to the post above ours to tell a story. I'll start: The dog was
  8. But instead they
  9. Just waiting on Invision to push the next IPS update then I am going to pull the plug on the release.
  10. wanted the dogs
  11. Its easy for a kid who has nothing better to do all day but get better at the game to beat it. lol since you haven't played in a long time it would probably be really hard again yah
  12. Video is unavailable in my country lol, weird considering we're both in america. ----
  13. I just love video games. I always have I think the first game I played was called "Land Before Time" and it was on like windows 98 lol. I feel like my gaming has effected me positively because it has inspired me to create this community to produce games of our own!
  14. procrastination
  15. because the pigs
  16. it was lies
  17. overcome
  18. Well i got @Sky to help us by making a Favicon which i am grateful for so I would say that would be it so far.