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  1. congratz u going to Uni ?
  2. where cats dominated
  3. Yes I recovered in regards to health but not really from the problem that made me do that Will take some time, luck and dedication
  4. Yes very very very upset. If I didn't call the ambulance idk man.. I think I wouldn't have died Doctor said I was breathing steadily just at a minimum pace so my brain would be damaged.
  5. I ended in Hospital at midnight from 31st/1st of June and stayed until today after popping 17mg of Xanax and idk 1/4 - 1/5 bottle of tramadol. Doctor told me I could have been left retarded. Edit: She was super young and cute and her smile made me smile too even tho I fucked up oh god.
  6. Arent you liberal too ? What about transrights :DD What does your inner Miss Zyphun think about that ? I'd love to live in Vienna forever, it's the city with the highest living quality globally and I can't compare. #Vienna<3
  7. yes i will move to London after srs
  8. as cisgender id make 5000-30000€/month
  9. I got 2,500€ for him sucking my dick for 2 minutes (no lie) and free vacation in switzerland for 3 days , all expenses covered yep Guys I think this week is even nicer, I met 2 random girls at a high class 5 Star restaurant and we had a nice night together dining and having drinks 1 asian 1 czech both hot tbh. One is married to a guy from Dubai lmaooo so yeah idk was nice I paid 100€ for dinner wasnt that nice cause it taste like 30€ ... but w/e location is 11 out of 10 hehehe
  10. met a sugardaddy had something like sex (he rubbing his dick on my ass and backside + masturbating on it) for 400€ Also he turned his massive body on me and I felt like such a slut he moaned oh god this is soo hot 🤣