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  1. People say Contra is one of the hardest games ever, yet me and my brother beat that shit at an early age. Now however, if I were to pick it up I doubt I will get past that gate turret boss.
  2. So obviously posting on Zyphun or (being on the internet really) means you are 80% more likely to have played at least one videogame in your life, if not outright being an avid gamer. Made-up percentages. I have been playing videogames as early as the age of six, I remember my first game being NES classics like Mario and Duck Hunt. The fact that I could shoot stuff on the screen with a handheld real life plastic gun felt so surreal and futuristic to me. I played a lot in my childhood, moving from the NES to the Playstation system. When I first played Driver 2 and Spider-man on the PS1 I was mindblown with the 3D graphics, I was young so I couldn't tell that cgi weren't real-time as well. The PS2 was probably my favorite console, and the one that greatly affected my creativity as a kid. I also played a lot of PC games, but at that time I used to think that console games beat PC ruthlessly, unfortunately I wasn't exposed to great games like the Elder Scrolls, Warcraft or even Doom until later when I turned 14. Ever since my first playthrough of Doom I instantly became an addicted and passionate gamer, watching gaming tv shows, internet articles on the newest leaks or even magazines (remember those?). I'm currently 22, studying Architecture, but I still dedicate much of my time for all things videogames. That includes playing said games, watching videos, reading reviews or making my own content and trying to learn Unity and game development. Here is some starter questions to kickoff the thread: What about you? what is your story with videogames? what is your favorite? Did it affect you negatively, positively, or neither? If you had kids would you introduce them to it? Do you consider ipad games and apps like candy rush as genuine videogames? How much money did you spend on your CD's and Steam keys? Also about it affecting me, videogames did take a lot of my time during my highschool year, but I still got to study and ace the GPA. In reality videogames taught me many things, like improving my english vocabulary, introducing me to creative writing, and inspiring me to draw every day.
  3. This has been on repeat for quite a while tonight
  4. I'd love to, but I just signed a NDA online regarding it, so I can't post the designs But I can tell you it was simple and clean, nothing too fancy to be honest. Sorry to hear that, I'm glad you recovered. Wishing you the best from now on!
  5. Won a graphic design contest and made a nice $190, *cha-ching*
  6. Oregon. I am currently studying Architecture, so moving there doesn't make sense career-wise, however I'm more passionate about my hobbies which mainly includes art, design, and film. The state of Oregon to me is the ultimate destination to settle down and have a quiet yet adventurous life, secluded from the noises and united with nature. I just love camping, surfing and exploring mother nature. Also its depressing weather is the only weather that can make me truly productive.
  7. I'd love to be an Eagle, as cliched as it sounds, I wanna know how it feels to soar through the skies unburdened by anything.
  8. Sorry if i'm bugging you, doing some overhauls

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      every time I refresh I see a new layout, it's like magic. 

  9. This place will bloom, loving the name.