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  1. motivationless
  2. Yeah going to McMaster for Computer Science Thank you so much!
  3. I feel like I'm ready to work and party for the next 2 months. Also found myself a girl and we're both interested in each other so that was like the greatest start to my summer
  4. Finished my last year of high school exams last Thursday. How's everyone doing? What are you guys up to nowadays?
  5. to eat it.
  6. I'm hyped for big things Zyphun! My highlight was just chilling with friends the past weekend. Exams comin up next week so RIP time
  7. Weird cause it's unavailable for me too!
  8. My story of video games began with the classics as well. I'm a 99s kid, so I was never around to experience the release of the Genesis, NES, SNES, etc. However, that never stopped my dad from introducing me to the older games. I got a CD filled with arcade classics like Commando, Ghosts n' Goblins, 1942, and 2 more I think. It's crazy, because now people are saying that Ghosts n' Goblins is one of the hardest games ever made, and I played that as a kid! Never beat it of course. I think everything in moderation is good. Back in the day I definitely played games too much. However, when just the right amount is applied, it's great. It teaches quick critical thinking, trains your reactions, and improves hand-eye coordination. I would in fact introduce my kids to games, and perhaps maybe even the same ones I played as a kid. iPad games are great n all, but they aren't what I want my kids playing. I'll buy them a desktop computer. So if they want to play games, I'll let them go on the desktop. But it's not portable, so whenever we go out I don't want to be forced to let them play games. Kids need an imagination and independence too you know! When it comes to CDs, my dad usually bought those, and my Steam library probably isn't too expensive. I don't have too many games on it because there's only a few that I enjoy playing. I don't need 1000000000 games, I just need a couple I like.
  9. dedication