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Zyphun Interactive Studios wants you!

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Are you interested in working in a community where your ideas are valued and nurtured rather than having every penny squeezed out of it?


Are you a programmer interested in making some money on the side with few commitments? plus helping you learn to better your development abilities?


Are you an artist who is looking for a little money on the side while bettering your artistic abilities? or afraid to post your works because you think someone might steal them or they would be received poorly?


Are you a story writer or game designer who just doesn't even know where to begin to get your ideas into reality? or needs help getting your ideas into fruition?


If any of the above things sound like something that applies to you, or if you simply think you would like to work for us, please view this announcement:


For people actively working on Zyphun Interactive Studios projects the starting wage is USD $15 per hour plus raises with possible performance-based bonuses and our online-based community means that you can work from home with no long term commitment!


Once you have one of the ranks detailed in that announcement you will be eligible for employment on Zyphun Interactive Studios projects, we must do this step as a quality assurance and so that we know the people we hire are legitimately who they say they are.

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